Ten Tips For Events

Let Con Amore Help You With

The Nuts and Bolts of It

Make Planning Your Event a Piece of Cake!

    • Plan ahead! “Hurry bird doh build good nest”.


    • Have a clear idea of what kind of emotion you want to evoke: wonder, awe, whimsy, merriment, etc.


    • Have a unifying theme. Don’t be afraid to use a spin on a popular theme. However, make sure to not add too many sub-themes. You don’t want your event to seem cluttered and disorganized. Keep in mind the theme doesn’t have to involve customs it could be based on a color scheme or a print/fabric.


    • It starts with the invitation. The invitation sets the tone for your event and let’s people know what to expect. Physical invitations are not needed. Digital invitation technology has come a long way.


    • Find a few elements that are easily incorporated into all aspects of your event. This will create a cohesive design.


    • “Ya nah miss wey ya nah know”. Prioritize! You don’t have to have every new trend or use every amazing idea you have. If it’s not there no one will notice. We promise.


    • “Throw sprat to catch whale”. Give your cake designer ALL the information. Leave nothing out. Then watch magic happen.